H.E.R. Bling Tumbler & ME

H.E.R. Bling Tumbler & ME

Typically I would think that my first blog post on here should be something introducing myself, and I'll get there, but first... Who is super excited to see H.E.R. as Belle tonight in the ABC Beauty & the Beast 30th anniversary celebration? I know I AM!!!

I have my reasons for being EXTRA excited about this. Of course I love Beauty & the Beast, especially the music, and I am SUPER excited to see an incredible and talented Black woman take on the role of Belle.

I am also excited because I was recently able to gift H.E.R. one of my custom bling tumblers! She was so sweet to not only take a photo with my tumbler, but also sent me a video of her opening it after one of her shows opening for Coldplay in Buenos Aires. Now that Gabi (because that's H.E.R. name: Gabi, FYI), has one of my custom tumblers, this obviously makes us BEST FRIENDS. So you can see why I am so excited to see my bestie as Belle on ABC (Who am I kidding, I don't have cable! I'll be watching it tomorrow on Disney+). 

@sweetnspicytravels Am I freaking out right now? YES. YES I AM ❤️❤️❤️ BEST DAY EVER? 💯!!! #her #iloveher #bling #blingtumbler #rhinestones @H.E.R. ♬ Slide - H.E.R.

 Ok, ok, I am fully aware we aren't actually besties... yet. No, but seriously, Gabi, I promise I am not at all a creepy stalker. Please just enjoy your tumbler. 

So now comes the part where I introduce myself, I guess. First thing we have learned about me is that I am definitely not a creepy stalker. Second thing you've learned about me is I am best friends with H.E.R. Third thing you should know is that if you don't have a sense of humor, you probably aren't going to enjoy this blog very much.

Here are some REAL things you should know about me. For the last two years my primary residence has been a 27' motorhome, which I have traveled in full-time with my husband, Andy, and daughter, Lilly. We have had a few stretches where we stayed with family while Andy traveled for work. Most recently to Buenos Aires... hmmmm... 

I have been crafting and making jewelry almost my entire life. I actually still remember one of the very first necklaces I ever made. I was four. I was on a playdate at my friend Aiyumi's house and we used that red and white bakery box string and big plastic pony beads. I proudly wore my necklace to preschool the next day, where I spent all of nap time twisting it around my fingers until the string broke and tiny plastic beads bounced all over the classroom... 

Me, my 2nd grade business partner Nicole, and our friend Amanda in 6th grade.

In the second grade my friend Nicole and I started a jewelry business. We would sell necklaces and bracelets to the other kids at recess and used the money to buy potato chips at lunchtime...

I've come a long way since then (which is my way of skipping over 97% of what happened next, because I am tired and I'd like to go have a snack). In conclusion:

I have been crafting my whole life.

I am a full time RVer.

I make Jewelry.

I bling stuff.


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